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When it comes to cleaning the aftermath of a crime scene or after crime scene cleanup in Wisconsin has always been rated as one of the best companies to use.  Wizard Hazmat of Wisconsin understands that you need crime scene cleaning for a number of reason not just for crime scenes.  We started doing crime scene cleanup in cities across Wisconsin due to the hazards that families and homeowners faces when trying to clean up blood after a death.  The industry of crime scene cleanup started in the late 1980's and at the time in some cases Police in Wiscosnin would even try to help families that had a murder in their home.  They would feel bad for the victims and pool resources to attempt to help clean.  In other cases people could even call some traditional cleaning companies.  However things started to changed when the AIDS epidemic began to reach news headlines across the State of Wisconsin.  This is when crime scene cleanup companies started offering assistance in to Wisconsin residents and police.  The Police no longer felts safe trying to clean a crime scene and nor did traditional cleaning companies.  Now many people are very aware that hazmat companies like ours is who needs to clean these terrible tragedies.  We compiles a list of the tops cities in  Wisconsin for crime scene cleanup in 2020 for our year end review.

Wisconsin Suicide Cleanup Services

If you lived in Wisconsin long enough you know that we have tough winters.  Many people have speculated that this at least in part is why we have so much season depression and larger then the national average when it comes to suicide.  As a crime scene cleanups service we find that more often then not we have people calling in due to a suicide at their home.  A suicide is much like a crime scene in that it will often times have blood and other bodily fluids present.  In Wisconsin the most common way someone commits suicide is using a shot gun.  A gun shot will often times leave a tremendous amount of blood splatter.  This blood is usually left on surfaces and requires hazmat trained professionals we call crime scene cleaners in Wisconsin that can remediate this.  We have helped people find help for suicide cleanup in Wisconsin in a number of cities.  Here is a list of the top cities for suicide cleanup in Wisconsin for 2020.

Wisconsin After Death Cleanup Services

Have you ever had a family member die and not know who to call to clean the home?  Many people have been in this position and not know who to call and are shocked when they are told you need a crime scene cleanup company.  But when you have a death at a home and need to clean it up that is what we are here for.  Our hazmat trained crime scene cleaners are able to assist in cleaning any crime scene, suicide, or unattended death.  A unattended death cleanup in Wisconsin is very similar to a crime scene.  When a dead body is left unattended is will begin to have some of the same issues that a crime scene has.  The blood will need to be cleaned and removed and the home will need to be sanitized.  Believe it or not the most common jobs we do in Wisconsin are natural unattended death cleanup.  Here is a list of the top cities in Wisconsin for unattended death cleanup in Wisconsin.

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From our Official LinkedIn Company page Careers and Jobs section for Crime Scene Cleanup in Wisconsin should submit your Resume and Application for Employment if you would like to work as a technician and cleaner.As the industry leaders for crime and trauma cleaning in Wisconsin or company has continue to surpassed the expectations of our peers and community organizations we work with. In addition to increase our staff and localized central presence we have also taken on initiatives to ensure crime scene cleanup Wisconsin related biohazard cleaning is done on time and schedule. We work to get you the fastest most reliable crime scene cleanup technicians. CSCS crime scene cleanup career are not jobs for the faint of heart. From medical accident cleaning in Wisconsin to helping with a suicide cleanup, our company has your biohazard needs covered.

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CSCS has been providing cleaning services after homicides, suicides, and accidents/injuries for over 20 years. We are considered as second responders who work closely with Wisconsin Law Enforcement and other agencies.

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With nearly 20 years of cleaning up crime scenes, working with the Wisconsin Police Department and fire departments, and helping community leaders. It is no wonder why we are America’s choice for crime scene cleanup.

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